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Employee Tracking

Save every single minute of your Human Resource

Say no to long wait for office cabs away from your personal comfort and security. Show your employees how much you care for their valuable time- register their attendance as soon as they get in the office cab.

Employee Transport Management app or Cabbie will update the employee where and when their cab will arrive for a hassle free pickup and drop saving a lot of their valuable time. They can mark their attendance through in vehicle RFID reader avoiding late entry caused due to unforeseen circumstances. The inbuilt SOS alarm can be accessed easily in case of emergency providing the travelers a sense of safety and timely assistance among myriad of other features.

We have creditable experience in providing service to large IT and other major companies in running their Human Resource transportation with ease. Our service has rendered lesser call pressure on their transport team.

Offering Solutions

  • Employee Application to track the allocated cab.
  • Alert, notification over SMS and email for over speeding, over stay, unauthorized stoppage.
  • Route planning &scheduling.
  • Employee’s attendance from vehicles with location, pickup and drop summary using RFID reader.
  • Route Display system.
  • SOS button for employees & drivers.
  • Get instant over speed alert on SMS & siren in the buses.
  • Bulk Announcement system.
  • Two way communication.
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