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Sales Force Tracking

Sales force tracking has been a critical requirement of organizations across the globe. Be it a large or a small company, efficient tracking of sales force and service personnel is the need of the day.

Investing in sales force / service personnel tracking solutions not only stops vehicle misuse and keep a check on lazy employees but also increase sales and productivity!

Salesforce tracking solutions help you to in the following ways:

  • Know exactly where your sales person is at any given moment.
  • Verify whether the sales person has made assigned visits or was he wandering somewhere else.
  • Check the total KMs travelled and pay only for the travels he has made.

Sales force / service personnel tracking solutions are available in two forms:

  • Simple smartphone based solutions, using which you can track if the employees have visited the desired clients and at the appointed time.
  • Advanced tracking solutions which also tracks the movement of the employees on the road. These types of solutions are typically useful when employees use company-owned vehicles or are compensated for the KMs traveled.
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