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Waste Collection Vehicles

Yours is the quick action and high performance demanding job- allow us to assist you in such a noble cause.

Organized Garbage Cleaning

Our Junk Truck app can help you track your garbage collection vehicle real time. You can assign new route to the nearest truck driver in case the designated garbage truck forgot to pick the trash from its spot. The authorities can check the total run of their garbage trucks on everyday basis in order to optimize their movement for next day pickups.

They can calculate the amount of trash picked up from different areas and assign suitable sized vehicles to clean them to avoid repeated trips in the same day. It will also help them in optimizing their time and cost based on these calculations through our Junk Truck App.

Offering Solutions

  • Easy scheduling, planning and allocation of Waste collection vehicles.
  • Manage group, Branch, Cluster.
  • Route Deviation. Missed collection points.
  • Find nearby vehicle to collect waste from missed bins.
  • High sharpness of Google map to view street for Garbage collection.
  • Alert, notification over email and sms.
  • Schedule report of waste collection trip.
  • Reminder & alerts of vehicle maintenance, service & insurance.
  • Real-time traffic view
  • Citizen App to click and upload garbage images of any location.
  • Allocate Vehicle to collected Data from Citizen App
  • Mobile app for field supervisor
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